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Autosol Bluing Remover 150ml 1290

Autosol Bluing Remover 150ml 1290

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Autosol Bluing Remover can remove persistent burns, blue discoloration and corrosion from stainless steel and chrome exhaust pipes.


Autosol Bluing Remover guarantees exhaust pipes will regain their silver shine. It can be used sparingly and is easy to apply to affected areas. The liquid formula prevents inconvenient over-spray and removes the need for masking. Added corrosion inhibitors eliminate the risk of damage to unstained surface areas. It is a fast and safe agent to remove blue and brown discolouration on stainless steel exhaust pipes.

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Autosol Bluing Remover 150ml 1290

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