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AUTOSOL Boat Jetski Fibreglass Cutting Buffing and Polishing Kit

AUTOSOL Boat Jetski Fibreglass Cutting Buffing and Polishing Kit

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AUTOSOL Marine Use Cutting Buffing and Polishing Kit

A perfect kit to clean and polish up your boat, jetski, fibreglass and marine use metals to look fantastic again giving it long lasting protection.

The kit consists of the following items:

AUTOSOL Marine Rubbing Compound 15300 400ml

Autosol?Marine Rubbing Compound?😕Silicone free cleaner with gentle cleaning action for boat and paint surfaces. Also suitable for polishing plexiglass.

AUTOSOL Marine Combi Polish 400ml

Autosol for fibreglass maintenance:?The perfect companion product for Autosol Marine Shine, Autosol Marine Combi Polish is designed for the ongoing maintenance of well cared-for fibreglass in the marine environment, and is provided in a handy liquid form.

AUTOSOL Marine Boat Wax 400ml?Autosol for fibreglass gel care

An important member of the Autosol Marine range of specialty products, Autosol Boat Wax is designed to protect the fibreglass gel coat on hulls and deck structures.

This helps to ensure the integrity and suppleness of the boat’s fibreglass structure, and prolongs the life of the vessel.

Autosol for plastic surfaces 75ml

Autosol Plastic Cleaner provides a simple and reliable solution for cleaning all plastic surfaces, including car interiors and bike visors.

AUTOSOL Marine Shine (Boxed) 75ml?Autosol for marine use.

Autosol Marine Shine is well respected in the marine manufacturing industry as an effective and reliable solution for the care of marine metal fittings and fibreglass structures. Its heavy-duty formulation offers effective polishing grunt, while its protective powers enable it to withstand the rigours of the marine environment and help preserve your investment.

The 75ml tube is designed for light or occasional use around a boat.

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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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AUTOSOL Boat Jetski Fibreglass Cutting Buffing and Polishing Kit

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