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Autosol Fast Clean & Polish 500ml 0620

Autosol Fast Clean & Polish 500ml 0620

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Autosol Fast Clean & Polish is a waterless cleaner made in Germany to easily clean lite dirt from paintwork, metal parts and fairings.


Autosol Fast Clean & Polish will clean and polish painted surfaces with no pre-washing required. Saving time and restoring the high gloss showroom finish of your painted bike parts. A technical combination of waxes and care components protects the surface from weathering.


1.?Spray product over area to be cleaned.

2. Polish with a soft micro-fibre cloth in small circular motions until dirt comes disappears.

3.?With a fresh clean cloth remove the excess polish and buff to a high gloss shine.

TIP: For small detailed surfaces, spray product onto cloth and wipe onto the required area.

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Autosol Fast Clean & Polish 500ml 0620

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