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Golf Club Scratch Repair & Polishing Kit 150mm 6 inch

Golf Club Scratch Repair & Polishing Kit 150mm 6 inch

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This bench grinder mounted golf club polishing and repair kit will remove most scratches and dings and polish your clubs to look as new. It will bring the surface up to a mirror finish and you’ll be able to sharpen the grooves as well for extra ball grip and action around the greens.

The kit consists of:

Groove Sharpener

You can re-cut and redefine the edges of any grooves Square, V or U grooves and your clubs will stay within the games laws. Take The Golf Groover on the course to clean your clubs when playing.

Polishing Wheels

1 x 6″ x 2 section sisal Polishing Wheel

1 x 6″ x 2 section colour stitch Polishing Wheel

1 x 40 x 40mm Microfibre cloth

Tapered Spindle Adaptors

1 x left hande 1/2″ spindle adaptor

1 x lright hande 1/2″ spindle adaptor

Vienne Lime – Whiting Powder

Use this to remove grease and compound residues after polishing. Apply it to the microfibre cloth and wipe where you’ve been polishing. Please note that Vienna Lime is not an actual lime powder but a pure form of super fine calcium carbonate (chalk).


1 x 120 Grade 60 x 40mm Flap Wheel With 6.35mm Shaft.

1 x Wet/Dry Abrasive Sheets 400 Grade

1 x Wet/Dry Abrasive Sheets 800 Grade

1 x Wet/Dry Abrasive Sheets 1200 Grade


1 x 250g Grey bar =Fastcut

A fast and economical cutter for hard metals. The rate of metal removal is high, with less emphasis on brightness. To be used on sisal buffs for the removal of scratches and “orange peel” from all metals.

1 x 250g White bar = SS Finish

For high brightness and good cut. Suitable for all metals, including stainless steel. Recommended for surfaces that are smooth to begin with and are free of deep scratches. Also suitable to be used after MAXICUT. Use a sisal buff for cutting and a cotton buff for bright finishing.

250ml Liquid Reflection metal polish is applied with a cloth then wipes with a microfibre cloth, contains soft, fine alumina to gently polish and restore metal surfaces such as:

– Brass
– Stainless Steel
– Chrome
– Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys

Liquid Reflection is ideal for polishing jobs to be done by hand, and imparts an unbeatable shine. Ideal for jobs such as polishing: 

– Stainless & brass boat fittings
– Bullbars, rims and alloy fuel tanks
– Household brass and Stainless cutlery
– Restoring scratched and dull kitchen sinks

It is water washable for easy cleanup and can of course be also used with a motorised buffing machine. 



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Weight 3260 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Golf Club Scratch Repair & Polishing Kit 150mm 6 inch