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Polish Motorcycle Parts

Polish Up your Bike To Look New You have a bike that’s not looking to good. A little worse for wear. The alloy has oxidised, the stainless is dull and the chrome work needs attention. Use one of our kits or a combination of Polish Up’s products to restore it to its former glory. Keeping […]

Polishing kits for your truck

Airflow Coolair Polishing Kits to Trucks, Tanks & Bulbars A very popular range of Airflow Alloy Bullbar Kits.Used mainly to polish trucks and rigs bringing those wheels, bull-bars, fuel tanks, chrome and stainless steel surfaces to a very high finish. Surface Preperation Before using the kit, the metal surface should be prepared with 800-1200 grit […]

Cutlery Restored With Goddard’s Silver Dip

Silver Cutlery Restored To New With Goddards Silver Dip Goddard’s Silver Dip 295ml  Silver dip Instantly removes tarnish from silverware, silverplate, cutlery, and small silver items Quickly cleans even difficult to reach places such as between fork tines Gives silver a brilliant shine Just dip, rinse, and dry. Some silver items are difficult to clean […]

Pledge One Go

Pledge Revive It Pledge have re-branded their product once more. It’s called Pledge Revive It and has the identical qualities as before. Here was the response when we asked for info regarding the product: Effective on a Variety of Flooring Types Multiple floor surfaces can benefit from the protection of Pledge Floor Finish. This product is […]

Headlight Restoration

Restoring your faded headlights to look new again. Faded headlights affect the performance of your headlight reducing visibility at dawn, dusk and especially at night. It’s not a good look for your car or bike either.          Perspex Headlight Restoration Kits supplied by Polish Up will produce an excellent new look to your dull, faded […]
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