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Tripoli Polishing Compound Box of 24 x 250g

Tripoli Polishing Compound Box of 24 x 250g

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A box of 24 x 250g SILICA FREE TRIPOLI Combined cutting and finishing compound for soft metals only. Suitable for aluminium, brass, copper and zinc diecast. Follow up with a finishing compound if a brighter surface is required.


For applications where a single compound does the cutting and finishing for reasons of economy. Sisal buff are used in conjunction with softer mops.

All grades of Tripoli polishes are based on the same abrasive, a sedimentary silica clay. This type of abrasive has become very popular as it exhibits excellent cut initially, followed by high brightness after the friable particles break up to finer fragments during the polishing operation. This results in high cut after fresh application of polish, followed by higher brightness just before a new application is required.




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Weight 6150 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Tripoli Polishing Compound Box of 24 x 250g

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