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178mm Airflow Alloy Aluminium Polishing Kit Single Section

178mm Airflow Alloy Aluminium Polishing Kit Single Section

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178mm Airflow Alloy Non Ferrous Metal Polishing Kit with 1 section wheels.


For use with a rotary type variable speed polisher, sander machine or bench grinder, polisher, this kits comes with the airflow polishing wheels and compounds to produce a very high finish to your alloy or non ferrous metal surface.

The advantage of the airflow polishing wheels is the coolness at which they are able to work preventing the metal surface from becoming too hot.

The single section treated airflow wheel used with the 250g Brown Tripoli compound for cutting away abrasive sanding marks.

The single section natural airflow wheel used with the 250g Green Chrome finishing compound for buffing to a high finish.

You may want to look at Vienne Lime used with a microfibre cloth to remove residue compound and metal from the surface of the metal created whilst cutting/ polishing. Simply by dipping a cloth into the powder and wiping awy the residue. Used especially when changing from one wheel and compound combination to another.

Also look at Liquid Reflection metal polish to enhance your work on completion. Applied with a microfibre cloth.

It is a good idea to regularly “freshen” your polishing wheels with a wire brush before applying more compound and continuing during the polishing process.



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Weight 1150 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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178mm Airflow Alloy Aluminium Polishing Kit Single Section