40mm Felt Polishing Cylinder Bob With 6mm Shaft

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40mm Felt Polishing Cylinder Bob With 6mm Shaft

SKU: FEMC-6040

40mm Mounted Felt Cylinder Bob.

Mounted Felt Cylinder Bob with 6mm shaft points are ideal for polishing. Versatile across many mediums, these medium density points will work on stone, ceramics, metals, as well as jewellery. Bonded onto a shaft that fits most rotary tools (including the Dremel and the Ozito) these felt points are popular and economical method of polishing.

Used in conjunction with a pendant motor (shank of point fits into collet/chuck of the drill) and employed with a compound (eg.tripoli/rouge) to polish small areas of an article. NB. A different point should be used for each polishing compound.



Weight 60 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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