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Fabric Protector

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Polish Up Fabric Protector combines a unique formulation of proven resins and repellency ingredients, incorporated into a water base so as to render the textiles to which it is applied resistant to both water and oil based stains. Fabric Protector will remain effective after spot, extraction & dry cleaning.
Reapplication is always recommended after cleaning to “top up” the product.
Make sure the surface is totally dry and give the fabrics a good vacuum to remove any and all debris from the fabric. The fabric needs to be as clean as possible before application .
If the fabric has stains on it already, use our Polish Up Fabric Cleaner to remove those stains first. Any heavier staining or or marks may require a profess anal clean before applying this product.
Its critical the surface is 100% dry before application . Wearing gloves to avoid the product on your hands and also work ng in a shaded and well ventilated area is recommended . Give the contents of the bottle a good shake.
Spray the Fabric Protector into a clean microfibre cloth until its quite damp, then rub into the seats one section at a time. Spray into the section from all angles, working it into the corners, joins and seams of the seat to ensure the best coverage. Continue application into further sections of the seat.
Allow this coat to cure for 20- 25 minutes, then for high ware areas apply a second coat in the exact same manner. Any remaining residue can simply be removed w th a damp cloth before drying.
Safety Directions
Always test on an inconspicuous area to ensure no adverse effects occur before using. This is not for consumption. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. For advice contact a poison information centre Austra lia 131126 or New Zealand 0800764766 or a doctor .


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Fabric Protector

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