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Fabric Cleaner

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Polish Up Fabric & Carpet Spot Cleaner is designed to breakdown and remove soils and stains that occur due to accidental spills.

Polish Up Fabric & Carpet Spot Cleaner is a water based formulation incorporating a number of active ingredients capable of breaking down both water and oil based stains so they can easily be absorbed into a cloth or paper towel.

The Polish Up Fabric & Carpet Spot Cleaner will not leave a watermark after use when applied as directed. It is a safer and more reliable alternative to solvent base cleaners which can make some statins become more permanent.

The Polish Up Fabric & Carpet Spot Cleaner is safe for all fabric types including cottons and wools.

Safety Directions
Always test on an inconspicuous area to ensure no adverse effects occur before using. This is not for consumption. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. For advice contact a poison information centre Australia 131126 or New Zealand 0800764766 or a doctor.

Polish Up Fabric & Carpet Spot Cleaner is suitable for the spot cleaning of almost all accidental spots & marks from fabric surfaces.
Spray the liquid mist evenly onto a clean microfiber cloth.
Using a blotting action dab out the mark you wish to remove with the moistened cloth.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary to better remove the stain. If marks, dirt and stains are extensive we suggest a profession clean.
Take care to remove excessive fluid on the area
being cleaned by spreading it outwards away from the mark.
Rinse the cloth in water. It is recommended that
you keep the nozzle on the bottle dry after use.


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Fabric Cleaner

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