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Felt Polishing Cylinder Bobs & Points Kit 13pce

Felt Polishing Cylinder Bobs & Points Kit 13pce

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40mm Mounted Felt Cylinder Bob.

Mounted Felt Cylinder Bobs and Points with 3mm and 6mm shafts ideal for polishing. Versatile across many mediums, these medium density points will work on stone, ceramics, metals, as well as jewellery. Bonded onto a 3mm shaft that fits most rotary tools (including the Dremel and the Ozito) and 6mm shafts that will fit most drill machines. These felts tools are a popular and economical method of polishing.

Used in conjunction with compounds and pastes to achieve the desire finish.

The kit includes:

Felt Point Dia: 10mm shalft: 3mm .

Felt Point Dia: 16mm shalft: 3mm 

Felt Point Dia: 20mm shalft: 6mm 

Felt Point Dia: 25mm shalft: 6mm

Felt Point Dia: 30mm shalft: 6mm

Felt Point Dia: 40mm shalft: 6mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 6mm shalft: 3mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 10mm shalft: 3mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 16mm shalft: 3mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 20mm shalft: 3mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 25mm shalft: 6mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 30mm shalft: 6mm

Felt Cylinder Dia: 40mm shalft: 6mm  


Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Felt Polishing Cylinder Bobs & Points Kit 13pce

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