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Goddards Granite Polish Spray 6 Pack

Goddards Granite Polish Spray 6 Pack

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Granite surfaces require protection against wear-and-tear so they can maintain a naturally beautiful appearance.  Experience the tradition of superior shine and protection in your home with Goddard’s Granite Polish. Goddard’s Granite Polish continues the distinguished excellence in home furnishing care that began over 100 years ago with Joseph Goddard.  The great performance of Goddard’s Granite Polish is available in a convenient spray and easy-to-use wipes.

  • Seals and Protects Against Stains.
  • Safe for Food Surfaces.
  • Gives Granite and Stone a Deep, Rich Luster.
  • Fast, Easy Way to a Beautiful Shine.
  • Also Safe for Marble, Stone, Tile and Corian®.

Goddard’s Granite Polish provides a quick and easy way to maintain granite’s classic beauty.  To add a layer of protection and keep a brilliant shine spray Goddard’s Granite polish as needed.


  • Hold bottle 6 inches from surface and spray over the entire area.
  • Wipe immediately with a clean, soft cloth, turning occasionally.
  • For smaller items or hard-to-reach surfaces, spray directly onto cloth and wipe.
  • Heavily-soiled surfaces should be cleaned prior to using polish.

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Weight 3900 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Goddards Granite Polish Spray 6 Pack

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