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Steel Cut & Polish Kit With Drill Mount

Steel Cut & Polish Kit With Drill Mount

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Steel Cut & Polish Kit With Drill Mount


For motor cycles, cars, utes, trucks, this superb steel, stainless steel and chrome polishing kit for use with an electric hand drill is ideal for use on all steels. 

This kit has an extensive array of applications with the 4″ polishing wheels. Will give you a brilliant “mirror” finish. The advantage of this kit is being able to mount your variable speed drill machine onto your workbench giving you the ability to hold the object you are polishing with both hands.

The kit consists of:



Bench Clamp Drill Holder


A light duty Aluminium drill clamp. Allowing you to clamp power drills to a work bench (standard 43mm diameter). Opens up to 45mm for a thick bench top. Can be swivelled in any direction. Suits any electric drill, is made of Alumium.



Polishing Wheels

1 x 4″ x 2 section treated sisal cutting Wheel

1 x 4″ x 2 section colour stitch Polishing Wheel

1 x 4″ x 2 section white stitch Polishing Wheel

1 x 4″ x 2 section B loose flap Polishing Wheel


Spindle Adaptor

6mm x 75mm Tapered Mandrel / Mop Taper.


Vienne Lime – Whiting Powder

Use this to remove grease and compound residues after polishing. Apply it to the microfibre cloth and wipe where you’ve been polishing. Please note that Vienna Lime is not an actual lime powder but a pure form of super fine calcium carbonate (chalk).



Black100 Steel Cutting Compound: This compound is used for first cut, flattening and rough polishing of Steel/stainless steel. Used with either a treated sisal or colour stitch polishing wheel.

Pink100 Steel Finishing Polishing Compound: Used for polishing on all steels and is used with either a white stitch or soft loose fold metal polishing wheel.

White114 Steel Finishing Polishing Compound: This is a high finishing compound with either a white stitch or soft loose fold metal polishing wheel on Steel/stainless steel.


Autosol Metal Polish – 75ml Tube

This incomparably superior, quality metal polish is our most popular product. It has won three international gold medals and is recommended by manufacturers, museums and restoration experts around the world. It safely and easily removes oxidation, corrosion, stains, and rust. It produces a brilliant reflective luster and leaves an invisible protective coating to ensure a long-lasting shine.



The surface should be dry and free from loose dirt before polishing. For a highly polished surface, apply a small amount of AUTOSOL Metal Polish to a soft microfiber cloth and rub vigorously in a circular motion. Do not allow AUTOSOL Metal Polish to dry. Buff to a high luster with a clean cloth.


Tip: Polishing and cleaning detail areas can be made easier by rubbing AUTOSOL into a polishing cloth first. This will help eliminate the polish mess that normally settles into etching and corners.

Polishing Cloths

2 x 400 x 400mm Microfibre cloth


Additional information

Weight 1900 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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Steel Cut & Polish Kit With Drill Mount