Excellent vinyl convertible black top restoration


Forever Black Black-Top Convertible Top Dye is a permanent black dye that instantly restores lustre and deep, dark colour to faded, black vinyl convertible tops. No need to have a faded, sun beaten convertible top and there’s no simpler way to restore it and make your convertible look new again.  Forever Black Black-Top is an instant solution to years of UV degradation.

Forever Black Black-Top is an excellent black dye that re-colours the vinyl to create a rich, deep, black luster. Black-Top should only be used on vinyl type tops,  for your convertible, bimini  or ute tray vinyl cover. It’s not recommended for fabrics. The dye’s unique polymers bond the pigment to the vinyl for long-lasting colour restoration.

Forever Black Black-Top is completely safe on vinyl. The water-based, environmentally friendly formula contains no silicone or oil. These ingredients can dry the vinyl and cause it to attract dust. A top treated with Forever Black Black-Top retains its suppleness and the non-glossy finish does not attract dust.

To prolong its colour, Forever Black Black-Top contains UV protectants and it is water repellent. Throughout a vehicle’s life, the sun’s UV rays will fade and dry out any unprotected surface. This combination of restoration and protection will keep your convertible top looking its best for up to 12 months. What’s the last product you used that lasted a year with one application?

Remember only use Forever Black Black-Top on a black vinyl top. It is not intended to dye tops of other colours and it is not intended for fabric tops.

It is recommend that you clean the vinyl top well before applying Forever Black Black-Top to ensure even colour. After the top is completely dry, use the foam applicator included with every bottle of Black-Top to apply thin, even strokes across the top. Complete the entire job at the same time to avoid patchy results. Wipe off any drips on paint, glass, plastic, or metal. Allow 15 minutes to dry. Note: Wear old clothes and use an old towel for clean-up as the dye will stain fabrics.

For instant colour restoration of black vinyl convertible tops use Forever Black Black-Top. Easy of use, with long-lasting results, and way more cost-effective than replacing your convertible top.


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