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Polishing alumium with a bench polisher

750 Watt Shumba Aluminium 200mm Kit

Polishing aluminum with a bench polisher can be a straightforward process if done correctly. Here are the steps to polish aluminum using a bench polisher:

Materials and Tools:

  1. Aluminum piece to be polished
  2. Bench polisher (also known as a bench grinder with a polishing wheel attachment)
  3. Polishing compound or buffing compound
  4. Safety goggles
  5. Dust mask
  6. Work gloves
  7. Apron or protective clothing


1. Safety First: Before you start, make sure you are wearing safety goggles, a dust mask, and work gloves. Polishing aluminum can generate fine metal dust and debris that can be harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes or lungs.

Aluminum Polishing Supplies

2. Prepare the Bench Polisher: Ensure that the bench polisher is securely mounted to your workbench or table. Make sure it is in good working condition and the polishing wheel is clean and free of debris.

3. Select the Polishing Compound: Choose a suitable polishing compound or buffing compound for aluminum. There are various types available, such as aluminum oxide or tripoli compounds. The choice depends on the level of polishing required.

4. Apply the Compound: Turn on the bench polisher and apply a small amount of the polishing compound to the polishing wheel. Let the wheel spin for a moment to evenly distribute the compound.

5. Polishing the Aluminum:

  • Hold the aluminum piece securely but gently against the spinning polishing wheel. Make sure not to press too hard, as excessive pressure can damage the aluminum.
  • Move the aluminum piece back and forth, ensuring that you cover the entire surface evenly.
  • Keep the piece in motion and do not dwell on one spot for too long to avoid overheating and damaging the aluminum.
  • Adjust the angle and pressure as needed to achieve the desired level of shine.

6. Inspect and Repeat: Periodically stop and inspect the aluminum to check the progress. If it’s not polished to your satisfaction, continue polishing with the compound.

7. Clean the Surface: Once you’ve achieved the desired level of shine, turn off the bench polisher. Wipe off any excess polishing compound with a clean cloth or rag.

8. Final Touches: If you want an even higher level of shine, you can switch to a finer polishing compound and repeat the process.

9. Cleanup: Dispose of any used polishing compound properly and clean your bench polisher’s wheel for future use.

10. Safety Considerations: Remember to keep safety in mind throughout the process. Wear appropriate protective gear, and be cautious to avoid accidents.

Aluminum polishing can produce a brilliant shine when done correctly. However, practice and patience are essential, as achieving a mirror-like finish may take some time and effort, especially for larger or more intricate aluminum pieces.

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