Restoring your faded headlights to look new again.

Faded headlights affect the performance of your headlight reducing visibility at dawn, dusk and especially at night. It’s not a good look for your car or bike either.

Perspex Headlight   Scratched HL - Copy   HL Comp  Perspex Headlight Novus - CopyScratched HL2

Perspex Headlight Restoration Kits supplied by Polish Up will produce an excellent new look to your dull, faded headlights.
You can choose from drill mounted or polisher/sander M14 threaded perspex headlight restoration kits that have the ability to restore your damaged perspex headlights to new.

Used with a variable speed polisher/sander type machine or drill mounted, this perspex headlight restoration kit has the ability to restore your damaged perspex headlights to new.
The kit consists of:
1 x 75mm Velcro Backup Pad drill mounted or M14 thread
2 x 75mm Glass Felt Polishing Pads
4 x P800
4 x P1200
4 x P1500
1 x Spray Bottle
1 x 59ml Novus Compound Kit or with a glass polishing compound.
How to use this kit:
Clean the surface of your headlight, removing all dirt, grease and residue
Tape all exposed areas not to be polished to avoid damage
Depending on the severity of fade in your Perspex, we’d suggest beginning with the #2 Novus and a polishing pad. If the fade is deep or there is scratch damage then you may need to use the abrasive pads. Choose an abrasive disc and mount it onto your Velcro backup pad. If you use the most aggressive then you’ll need to work your way through to the 1500grit followed by the Novus#3, then #2 then finish off with the #1, alternatively you can use the glass polishing compound depending on the kit you purchase
During the process, spray water onto the surface regularly with the spray bottle provided to prevent drying but not to rinse or wash away the slurry created during polishing.
Remember to polish up and down, left and right in even movements on the work area.
Clean the surface thoroughly between abrasive pad changes so as not to contaminate the next process.

Keep the surface cool and wet to prevent the surface getting too hot. (Very Important!!)
Inspect the work area by wiping off the residue and keep working until the area is to your satisfaction.
For the final finish, use the Novus #1 applied with a clean microfibre cloth provided.
On completion wash and store your polishing pad to use again on your next project.