Polish Up continues to create kits with the intention of being a one-stop-shop when it comes to polishing products. A recent addition to our range is the automotive paint and fibreglass polishing kits, compounds and buffs

If you are looking to restore the you vehicle, boat or jet ski paintwork or fibreglass to a new look then have a look at the following kits

Depending on the condition of the surface you are polishing, choose from some of the following foam pad buff and compound combinations. Have a look at our site www.polishup.com.au for an extensive range of polishing products and accessories.

1)    150mm Yellow T80 Heavy Pad With Scuffrex High Cut 250ml

2)    150mm Blue T60 Medium Cut Foam Pad With Scuffrex Medium Cut 250ml

3)150mm Orange T40 One Step Foam Pad With Scuffrex Low Cut

4) 150mm White T20 Polishing Finishing Foam Pad With Swirlrex 250ml

5)150mm Black T10 Finishing Pad With Gleamrex Polish 250ml

150mm Foam Buffing Kit with Polishing Machine150mm Foam Buffing Kit with Polishing Machine