Wood will lose its natural beauty from exposure to sunlight, dirt buildup and cleaning with abrasive chemicals.  To prevent damage, treat your wood furniture with Goddard’s Furniture Polish.

  • Conditions and Protects with Lemon Oil and Beeswax.
  • Lasting Shine with No Oily Residue.
  • Cleans and Shines Wood to a Deep Luster.
  • Quick and Easy to Use with No Rubbing or Buffing.
  • Protects Against Sun Damage, Stains, Drying and Cracking.

The heritage of Goddard’s wood care was built on over 100 years of demonstrated performance.  Professionals and respected establishments continue to trust Goddard’s Furniture Polish for the finest wood furniture.

Goddard’s Furniture Polish in the easy-to-use spray is perfect for a clean shine on wood furniture that gets regular use.  The spray dispenses a larger amount of the active protectant for a deep shine, which will protect against damage from sunlight, stains, drying, cracking and everyday wear and tear.


  • Hold bottle 6 inches from surface and spray over the entire area.
  • Wipe immediately along the grain with a clean, soft cloth, turning occasionally.
  • For small items and hard-to-reach surfaces, spray product directly onto cloth and wipe.
  • Heavily soiled surfaces should be cleaned prior to using polish.
  • Excellent polish

Posted by Michelle Denson

Excellent polish. All my friends want it so will have to order more. Also excellent customer relations. Was out of stock but rang me and kept me informed all the way.

  • Best Furniture Polish Ever

    Posted by Unknown

    Simply the best furniture polish, and so easy to use. Wonderful on antiques, leaving a beautiful finish. All Goddard’s products are guaranteed to give exceptional results.

  • Simply the best

    Posted by Uncle Bernie

    I have used this product for many years it is perfect for antique furniture and so easy to use delivering a first class finish every time with minimal effert