Goddards Granite & Marble Polish 240ml

To provide the strongest protection and deepest shine on granite and marble use the original Goddard’s Granite and Marble Polish

  • Specially Formulated with Brazilian Carnauba Wax.
  • Seals and Protects from Water-Spotting and Stains.
  • Deep Brilliant Shine.
  • Excellent for High Use Countertops.

Goddard’s Granite and Marble Polish contains Carnauba wax, which is 100% natural, making it safe for kitchens and bathrooms. Use Goddard’s Granite and Marble Polish when you clean to bring out the natural beauty of marble, stone and Corian® surfaces.


  • Pour polish generously onto a soft, dry cloth.
  • Wipe evenly along the grain of stone.
  • Wipe surface to a rich luster with a clean, soft cloth.
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    The Best Granite and Marble Polish

    Posted by Unknown 

    After 2 years seaching, and trying hand polishing pads that damaged part of the surface, I’ve found a product that has restored my dull surfaced granite, and gone part way towards covering damage done by “polishing’ pads bought from the USA. I could not find anything for this purpose in the shops, even granite/tiling shops could offer nothing except professional people to come in and use electric buffers

    I highly recommend this product, it left me with a darker, glassy smooth surface on benchtops

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    Goddards Granite & Marble Cleaner

    Posted by JUNE CONEN 

    Goddards has been a name around for years, this is why I tried the product and was extremely surprised with the finished result. Easy to apply and not overly priced. I give the product 5 stars and recommendation to all for great results

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    Excellent Results

    Posted by Grant 

    I used this polish for the first time today on my marble kitchen benches. The results were excellent and the application so, so easy. I will be interested how long the shiny finish lasts. Next job, do the granite surfaces in the bathrooms. On results so far I would highly recommend this product.

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    Posted by Unknown

    My late husband’s headstone was badly streaked with water marks from the sprinklers at the cemetery. After a few goes with this products it is almost (not quite) back to top condition.

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    best shine ever

    Posted by Liz 

    The marble and stone polish brought back the shine in the shower recess. Where can I buy it in Newcastle NSW.

  •     5
    What a way to go

    Posted by Unknown

    it has brought the sheen back to my granite bench Thank you.

  •     5
    Good product good value

    Posted by Unknown 

    We were very happy with the product, it put life back into our granite, it is very shinny.

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    Goddards Granite and marble polish

    Posted by cyrill

    My granite table becomes shiny and looks great again after using this product. Definitely Im gonna buy and use this product again next time.

  •     5
    Amazing difference

    Posted by Robert

    For a start, I noticed a lot more colours in my marble hearth and the light at night really glistens on it.

    Before applying the polish, the surface was rough and dull.

    The change is amazing after just one application.

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    Granite polish

    Posted by John Jenkins

    Works well, do small patches and it’s easy

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    Granite & Marble Cleaner

    Posted by Unknown 

    Easy to use excellent result.

  •     5
    Restored the shine

    Posted by John 

    Easy to apply and great results on granite kitchen and bathroom benches, as well as a polished travertine table top.

  •     5
    Brilliant Polish

    Posted by Lyn

    I purchased Goddards Granite & Marble polish, mainly for the marble top on our vanity but also for our very faded granite slabs in our outdoor table inserts. It is a brilliant product, so easy to use, the marble in the bathroom looks new again. The granite slabs in our outdoor table came up fantastic. It’s a very affordable product and I would certainly recommend it.

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