This video is indicative of what these kits can do.

Airflow Coolair Polishing Kits to Trucks, Tanks & Bulbars

A very popular range of Airflow Alloy Bullbar Kits.Used mainly to polish trucks and rigs bringing those wheels, bull-bars, fuel tanks, chrome and stainless steel surfaces to a very high finish.

Surface Preperation

Before using the kit, the metal surface should be prepared with 800-1200 grit wet and dry abrasive paper. The better the surface is prepped, the better the the finish.

What’s Included in the Kits

The kits generally include a cutting and finishing combination. The cutting combination i.e. (yellow) treated airflow with brown Tripoli for alloy or Course Cutter for stainless steel removes fine abrasive marks and leaves the surface with a dullish finish. The finishing combination i.e. (white) natural aiflow with the Green Chrome or SS Finish Stainless Steel will bring up your metal surface to a very high finish.

Some Tips & Tricks

What you’ll also find in these kits is a tub of Vienna Lime or whiting Powder. Whilst you are polishing, residue compound or black grease will stay on the metal surface. Using a microfiber cloth, dip the cloth into the powder and wipe away the residue.This will save you a lot of downtime between compounds and polishing wheels as you need to remove the residue before using another combination. It literally cuts away the residue.

There are often smaller polishing wheels in these kits. These are used for those smaller, tighter areas. Used with a drill machine, usually a tapered drill adaptor, the same principle is used as the airflow wheels.

It is suggested that you use a wire brush to “freshen” the polishing wheel every few minute to remove residue compound and metal build-up accumulated during the polishing process. If you don’t then fleck marks begin to appear on your polishing surface. This will be caused by metal picked up by the polishing wheel rubbing against the surface you are working on. Use a wire brush held against the spinning wheel. Once done, reapply some more compound.

Apply compound to the polishing wheel as it spins. Do this for just a second or two as not a lot of compound is required.

Use the metal polish once you’ve finished polishing. It’ll give the surface a deep rich lustre.

Very easy to use with simple instructions.

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