Liquid and Paste Blue Sapphire

If you are looking for a clever polish that’ll give you a brilliant finish and make your metal surface resonate then this is the polish. Using nano technology, this product has been designed for bikes mainly but can also be used on an extensive variety of metal surfaces. The results will speak for themselves and will definitely be money well spent.

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Blue Sapphire are metal polishes that impart the same brilliant shine as Liquid Reflection, however it is designed for detailed and intricate surfaces such a motorbike chrome or antiques. After polishing Blue Sapphire dries to a fine powder that is easily brushed or vacuumed off, leaving no residue to adhere to the surface. High pressure air can also be used to blow out left over polish caught in tight nooks and crannies.

Blue sapphire is recommended for Chrome trim over Liquid Reflection as the abrasive is a little finer.


Ultimate Match

Posted by vicki

This product when used after the tinned product really is a perfect match. Never have I seen such an amazing mirrored showroom finish after using these outstanding products. Thankyou Polish Up ! customer for life

Best Polish Ever

Posted by vicki

This product in my opinion really is the best for deep cleaning metals particularly alloy. No shortcuts with cheap imitations will I take again. Definitely a winner in my book.

Blue Sapphire polishing paste

Posted by Col

Product worked better than expected would highly recommend

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