Fine Scratch Removal Kits Using Cerium Oxide

Cerium used with Rayon Fibre Pads polishes out fine scratches in glass

Cerium Oxide

Our optical grade cerium oxide comes in a number of quantities from 100 grams up to 25kg. Please do enquire should you want a quantity not displayed on our website.

Removing fine scratches or rain marks from glass can be performed with these products.

These kits can be used with a variable speed drill or a polisher with an M14 thread spindle. Different sized backing and polishing pads are available depending on the job at hand.

These quality High resistant Rayon fiber pad ensure high gloss finishes on various surfaces such as Minerals, Plastics, glass and coatings.

The pads are resin impregnated to one side to give faster cutting action and a quality finish.

Using these kits:

Mix some Cerium oxide powder into water to a form a thin paste like slurry eg. milk-like consistency, in a small spray bottle which can be used to apply to your polishing pad

Clean the glass surface removing all dirt, grease and residue

Apply the polishing compound mixture to the polishing pad or glass surface

Make sure to mark the inside of the glass with the crayon to identify the area you are working on

With the mounted pad in the drill begin working the area required.

Move the pad up and down, left and right in even movements on the work area.

Keep the surface cool and wet to prevent the glass getting too hot. (Very Important!!)

Inspect the work area by wiping off the residue and keep working until the area is satisfactorily polished

On completion wash and store your polishing pads to use again on your next project

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    Glass polishing material

    Posted by Franco Pierucci 

    The product worked beautifully and I’m very happy and recommend this product.

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    Polishing Kit for small jobs

    Posted by Rob 

    If you want a polishing kit for the one off scratch in your windscreen, then this kit is for you. Easy to assemble with enough cerium oxide for the odd scratch or two. The directions included in the pack are very easy to follow and delivery for the product was very quick. A good company to deal with who make the transaction straightforward.

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    Removing acid rain marks

    Posted by Tony Sullivan 

    I just would like to thank you for a great product, it worked with little effort to remove the acid rain marks on my car’s glass and this is after spending $100.00s on other products.
    Cheers Tony

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