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Polish Up’s Polishing Adaptors & Accessories

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Tapered Spindle Adaptors

If you have a standard bench grinder or polisher and you are wanting an adaptor to fit the various polishing wheels then choose one of our range. We’ve a selection to fit most workshop machines.

M14 Threaded Tapered Spindle Adaptor

Most rotary type polishers that come with a 180mm backing pad and usually have an M14 threaded spindle. Our tapered spindle is perfect for this type of application:

Tapered Drill Adaptors

Ideal for the small wheels and used with your drill machine. 100mm diam wheels would be the go with this adaptor. Having a 6mm shaft your polishing wheel screws on or is unscrewed and changed within seconds.

Bench Clamp Drill Holder

Bench mount drill clamp

Does what it says on the tin. You can secure you drill machine in this vice and use our tapered drill adaptors to make a polishing machine.

1/2 inch 12.5mm Spindle Adaptors Pair

Bench Grinder Spindle Adaptors

If you have a bench grinder that you want to adapt as a polisher a couple of things need to be done:

Check on the machine spindle size to ascertain which are the correct adaptors to purchase.
Check on the strength of the machine to choose the correct wheel size. Too large and they’ll be cumbersome for the machine to handle. The machine will slow down when you hold an object against it. Need advice give us a call on 1800 780 666.

M14 Drill 8mm Shank Adaptor For Electric drill/Polishing pad

8mm to M14 thread adaptor

Using a backing pad with your drill machine? this adaptor is made for the job.

M10 to M14 Thread adaptor

M14 to M10 adaptor

Some of the smaller polishers or grinder have an M10 thread. This is great for the backing pad that has an M14 thread.

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