Having an account with Polish Up gives you a number of benefits.

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From your account page you can view your orders, update your account details and more. Learn more about each option below:

  • View Messages – You can receive and send messages to Polish Up Store about your order. When a message is sent regarding one of your orders, you will receive an email notification.
  • View Order Status – See the status of every order you’ve placed at Polish Up Store, including whether it has been shipped, and if so an optional tracking number.
  • Completed Orders – See all completed orders you’ve placed at Polish Up Store. You can also print invoices from this page.
  • Your Address Book – Add, edit and remove shipping and billing destinations from your address book.
  • Wish Lists – Add, edit and remove wish lists, see items in your wish lists and optionally add each item to your shopping cart for purchase.
  • Your Account Details – Update your contact details, email address and/or change your password.
  • Your Recent Items – See a list of items you’ve recently viewed at Polish Up Store.

We’re able to provide you with details of new products, sales specials, polishing information and promotions if you wish as an option.

Our alternative is as a guest checkout and is just as simple and secure when you purchase a product.

Feel free to Contact Us and we’ll help you as best we can.

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