Polish Up has very exciting times ahead of it especially for our customers. In the next couple of weeks (Commencing 30-09-10) we will have FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia on a number of our kits and accessories.  Each of the chosen kits will have a red star like this:

So what does this mean exactly? Take into consideration the cost of shipping. As an example a kit costing $35.00, weighing about 1kg would cost you approximately $12.00 to ship making the total cost $47.00. That’s 25% of the value give or take.

You’ll save 25%.

Here are a couple of the upcoming promotions:

4 inch 2 section 6 piece kit

6 inch 2 section 17 piece kit

8 inch 2 section 17 piece kit

Keep an eye open for the great deals we’ll have for you.  As always if there is any information you would like regarding this deal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Have a great weekend. www.polish-up.com.au