There is a huge selection of polishing mops or wheels that we could discuss, but today this blog is going to be about sisal, colour stitch, white stitch, loose flat cotton and swansdown.

First of all explaining the dimensions as sold by Polish Up:

Ex: 4″ x 1″ (2 section) polishing mop

4″ or 100mm is the diameter of the mop. The common diameters we sell are 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″. We can supply larger sizes on request.

1″ (2 section) is the thickness.  A section is approximately 12.7mm. The more sections the thicker the mop. In this case 2 sections making an inch. 1 section would be 1/2″.

Explaining some of the different types of mops:

Sisal Mop – consisting of cloth layers and sisal layers stitched together to the desired thickness, these buffs are suitable for the preparation of polishing surfaces with excellent cutting power when used together with a suitable  compound.

Colour Stitch and White Stitch Mops – Versatile grades of polishing mop, similar to each other. The white stitch is slightly softer than the colour stitch. Good for a polishing operation where you need brightness back when the condition of the metal is not marked/scratched or badly pitted. These can be used to cut as well with a compound but are less aggressive than sisal.

“B” Mops – Are a very popular grade of finsihing mop. with 100% cotton discs these are a harder grade of loose mops commonly used as an alternative to white stitch mops and very popular for precious metals and final polishings to various metals.

Swansdown WDR Mops – A very soft grade of finishing mop. WDR means “white double raised” and these mops are also know as Swansdown mops. Generally used for soft precious metals, jewelery etc in the final finish.

An ideal set of polishing mops would consist of one of each especially the sisal, stitch and “B” mops.

Depending on what metal you are polishing, a compound combination would be the next step in your polishing kit choice – but that will be in another blog coming soon.

I hope you’ve found this informative, have a good week –