Loving the game of golf, as many of us do, we find our equipment takes a battering on occasion. Having the ability to clean and polish our prized possessions to look as new is an immensely rewarding and pleasurable feeling.  For some reason confidence is increased with having new looking clubs again.  A rejuvenation of that golf bug feeling when you’ve just bought a new set and you “know” they will hit the ball long with a slight draw, “listening” to every whim and command you will them to do.

Polish Up has you in mind, and being an avid golfer myself, we created a couple of golf club restoration and polishing kits that do just the job.



Herewith one of the polishing kits we’ve assembled for you.

Should you require help and advice contact us.

May this be the start of a great golfing “career”

Cheers from www.polish-up.com.au