Taking into context how broad the polishing industry is, the enormous variety of cleaning – polishing products in the market place and how many different applications there are, we at Polish Up are excitedly looking to the future.

We know from experience that price, quality, customer service go hand in hand and contributes to our customer satisfaction.  (Loads of cliche’s sorry) Polish Up continually sources products both locally and abroad to give you that choice whilst not breaking your bank account. One of the main reason we remain internet based is to keep our overheads down.

You’ll notice the website has rather a small selection of kits and mops.  Over the next few weeks and months the range will be growing substantially. For example 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ mops, sisal, stitch, loose flap, swansdown all will be up and ready for sale.  We’re adding a number of accessories like 1/2″ and 5/8″ bench grinder spindle adapters, a larger tapered mandrel (Drill adapter to mount a mop on).  We’ll also have a selection of polishing kits with bench grinders to go.

Moving forward, we ask you to bear with us, help us grow, give us feedback on ways we can improve our website.  Give us ideas of new products that you feel would complement our range.  We’ll take it all on board and do our best to implement what we can.

Thanks for your support.  www.polish-up.com.au