Polishing Wheels

There is a huge selection of polishing wheels that we could discuss, however lets take a look at a small selection, namely sisal, colour stitch, white stitch, loose flap cotton and swansdown.

Diameter and Thickness

First of all explaining the dimensions as sold by Polish Up:

Ex: 4″ x 1″ (2 section) polishing wheels

4″ or 100mm is the diameter of the mop. The common diameters we sell are 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″. We can supply larger sizes on request.

1″ (2 section) is the thickness.  A section is approximately 12.7mm. The more sections the thicker the polishing wheel. In this case 2 sections making an inch. 1 section would be 1/2″. You’ll find though that it may say 2 section but the mop is actually 3 inches across.  This would be due to the softness of the mop. An example would be a swansdown polishing wheel.

Explaining some of the different types of polishing wheel:

Sisal polishing wheel – consisting of cloth layers and sisal layers stitched together to the desired thickness, these buffs are suitable for the preparation of polishing surfaces with excellent cutting power when used together with a suitable compound. Some sisal polishing wheels are dip treated to be more aggressive when cutting.

Colour Stitch and White Stitch polishing wheels – Versatile grades of polishing wheel, similar to each other. The white stitch is slightly softer than the colour stitch. Good for a polishing operation where you need brightness back when the condition of the metal is not marked/scratched or badly pitted. These can be used to cut as well with a compound but are less aggressive than sisal.

“B” Loose Flap Polishing Wheels – Are a very popular grade of finsihing wheel. with 100% cotton discs these are a harder grade of loose mops commonly used as an alternative to white stitch wheels and very popular for precious metals and final polishings to your metal surface.

Swansdown WDR polishing wheels – A very soft grade of finishing mop. WDR means “white double raised” and these wheels are also know as Swansdown wheels. Generally used for soft precious metals, jewelery etc in the final finish.

An ideal set of polishing wheels would consist of one of each especially the sisal, stitch and “B” Loose Flap Polishing Wheels.

Depending on what metal you are polishing, a compound combination would be the next step in your polishing kit choice as well as spindle adaptors.

If you require advice or information call us.




Swansdown -nice!

Posted by Andrew Rayer

I bought this swansdown wheel and I am impressed with it 🙂

Everything is positive about these wheels, quality and price, and if there was anything that I could say otherwise which is only a tiny little issue anyway, is that the plastic washer that is used to screw the wheel onto the taper spindle is a bit rough and could be a little thicker, but yeah, other than that tiny issue, these wheels are AWESOME thanks!!



Smaller Sometimes IS Better

Posted by Unknown

I used one of these & a 4″ White Stitch Polishing Wheel to polish a set of go kart wheels with a sandblasted finish. They came up with a mirror finish & got into the hard to reach spots. I’ll definitely need a replacement soon.

Colour stich 8″ mop

Posted by Andrew Rayer

I bought these colour stitch wheels and I am very impressed Thankyou!

I have used a lot of commercial wheels in the past 20+ years and everything is positive about these wheels.

The quality and especially the price of these wheels is great, but the customer service around here is absolutely awesome!

There is only 1 thing I could say (which is only a tiny little issue anyway), is that the plastic washer that is used to screw the wheel onto the taper spindle is a bit rough and could be a little thicker, but yeah, other than that tiny issue, these wheels are AWESOME thanks!!

Must have for any restorer

Posted by Ted 

This wheel takes care of the heavier polishing jobs that get rid of years of build up of oxidation. I use this with the green stick and it does the hard work prior to final finishing with the softer wheel and the white stick.

Rite tool for the job.

Posted by Phil Rohlf 

Fantastic product. Much better than anything I could buy locally. Great price speedy delivery.

Excellent I am very pleased with my purchase

Posted by Dave Chapman

The product is fine I have no complaints

durable and excellent result

Posted by Unknown

I have used the polishing wheel on a large aluminium storage box and the final result was very satisfactory

Final Finish

Posted by Phil Smith 

Creates a great final finish after using a white or color stitch wheel.

Just what I wanted

Posted by Ted 

Thanks for the advice – this is a beauty – just what I wanted
I use it mainly with the white or sometimes the blue stick for getting a great polish on the stainless steel side strips of the 1969 Volvo P1800S I am restoring.
Great product

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