Get your wheels to shine with our Polishing kits

These Alloy wheel polishing kits are amazing

From Dirty to Desire – we will help you get those wheels to shine.

You love your wheels? You love that aluminium bulbar? You love your car? And you paid good money for it all, so why not protect it and keep it shining forever?

With our range of  Alloy Wheel & Aluminium Buffing Kits available, you never need to worry about it again. We have a kit for every application from simple polishing and maintenance to a comprehensive sanding back with polishing grinder included for that professional look. And we don’t restrict our kits to just cars, there is a range of products for motorbikes and trucks as well.  All our kits come with full easy to follow instructions to have your vehicle shining out from the crowd.

Whether you are a professional detailer or DIY enthusiast, our polishing products will remove scratches and abrasions from any surface and restore the polish to its original condition and preserve it for longer. For the DIY enthusiastic, there is no need to buy any special tools as a pneumatic drill at relatively low speed (4000 rpm max) will do the job. We offer a vast range of adaptors to secure your polishing wheels to your drill. Just remember to start with a cleaned surface so there is no lingering lacquer on the metal, apply the compound sparingly and rub in different directions to fully polish your wheels or bulbar. We offer a range of polishing wheels to adapt to most shapes and applications. Don’t leave the grime on your wheels to eat away at the metal, when you could have shining wheels in no time at all.

If you are a collector and intend to show your car, for the very best effect consider removing the wheels and cleaning and lightly polishing the inside of the wheel. The reflection from the bright alloy behind the spokes and around the inside of the wheel rim dramatically improves the appearance of the wheel. You normally see them only when the inside surface is covered with dirt and brake dust. Our compounds are safe to use for the most valuable collections.

Why not give the golf clubs are polish up as well? It doesn’t guarantee your swing will improve but it will prolong the life of your clubs and make the opposition green with envy.

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